Deep tissue massage with remedial movement for the shoulder

Deep tissue massage with remedial movement for the shoulder
Andrew Wolfer,LMP preforms myofascial release (deep tissue) massage to the back

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Andrew Wolfe,LMP,Mms founder and creator of Myo Movement Integration Therapy ®. Myo movement integration therapy (MMIT) is a soft tissue manual (massage) therapy technique involving the mobilization and manipulation of the soft tissue and surrounding structures (attachments-ligaments, tendons and joints) with the use of myofascial release therapy, manual traction, trigger point, joint mobilization, remedial massage therapy and stretching. It also incorporates self empowerment tools and skills to allow the patient to become personally empowered by understanding patterns of dysfunctions. 
Myo Movement Integration Therapy ® is a natural, drug free, non surgical approach created to open up the full expression of the fascia, tissue, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Andrew has advanced training and experience working with insurance companies and healthcare providers to offer rehab. ,recovery and wellness in an private, individual and respected treatment plan. His training has brought him to China, training in an advanced capability. He is a certified life coach and has a masters in metaphysics. If you are tired of being in pain and what to break out of patterns that no longer work for you call Andrew Wolfe.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Treatment of Back and Spine Conditions With Massage Therapy

When individuals think about the treatment of their spine they think of a number of ways they can treat it. Commonly prescribe thinking under mainstream medicine is to medicate it. While medication can help reduce the pain level and help fight inflammation, it masks the pain by hiding it; thereby not resolving the underlying cause of the pain. Medications allow us to go on with our day to lives in our demanding schedules but do nothing to correct the problem. The problem may be stemming from a number of things. Pain is a broad term and very subjective; as subjective as the person experiencing it. Acute pain (that arriving of a new injury or trauma or onset) is easier to determine the cause. By assessing what the individual did prior to the onset uncovers a lot of the mystery. But sometimes it’s not that simple. Back pain affects some 8 out of 10 people statistically at some point in the lives according to NIH: National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. It is the number one reason of disability of persons under the age of 45 as well as the second leading cause of doctors visits in American, second only to the common cold; ( By taking an assessment of the history of the patient a better determination can be made. A proper diagnosis makes recovery easier to treat. Simple muscle strains and strain makes up for a lot of discomfort in individuals as well emotional, physical and physiological stress, poor nutrition, poor body mechanics, repetitive use dysfunction, spinal abnormalities, scar tissue formation from past unresolved traumas and or surgery and other abnormalities including underlying diseases can exhibit symptoms of back pain. So as simple as the diagnosis is of having back pain, it may have other dimensions that create a complexity of findings. Most health care providers as well as insurance companies policies require, which is a practical approach, is to start with the most cost effective and least evasive (non intrusive to the body) care in managing pain of a patient. Massage therapy happens to be one of the conservative, more natural approaches of healing for back and spine pain. By addressing the connective tissues in relaxing the tissue, giving it normal length and range of motion, eliminating scar tissue and inflammation and increasing circulation you allow healing to take place naturally. The attachments of soft tissue correspond to underlying structures (bone and cartilage) of the body giving it the ability to be flexible. By lengthening the tissues and addressing these attachments (connections to the structure or skeletal system) you are able to affect the body and it s structures naturally by changing the formation of dysfunction. Muscles and the soft tissues sounding and making up the muscular system are malleable and conduct behavior by patterning itself to conditioned response from the nervous system. Trauma, disease, stress, lifestyle, surgery and other dysfunctions as noted prior can disturb, change and affect adversely this response creating a repatterning that when becoming chronic (long-standing) can assume as “normal” conditioning or patterning. By changing the repatterning of dysfunction through soft tissue manipulation the body find restoration and balance. Copy write 3/30/2012

Massage Therapy; Natural Healing by Andrew Wolfe, LMP

Looking for a natural approach towards healing without the use of drugs or surgery? Have you considered massage therapy? With more and more people looking for a viable option of health, rehabilitation and recovery from surgery, accidents, injuries and trauma individuals have sought out many kinds of approaches. Most individuals in the health care industry will opt patients to take pharmaceuticals, undertake physical therapy or submit to surgery, if the condition is serious enough to warrant it. Many people simply don’t know about other options or they were never disclosed as having other approaches available to them to seek out. The time has come to “think outside the box” of conventional thinking to a broader base of a natural approach. Although there is no “quick fix” as a lot of us have been conditioned to believe there are, other options are available and more assessable than one might think to defer or avoid surgery or the harmful effects of drugs. These conventional options many not be appropriate for all patient. For example, if a patient is in drug recovery the pharmaceutics route is not an option and now with stricter drug dispensary laws, drugs prescribing is not a long term option for those in chronic pain ( non cancer); reference (WAC 246-919-850 ) as stated in the Washington Administrative Code as set by the state. Surgery is another example. It may also not be an option for some patients in which the end result would not serve to alleviate their pain, put them in a higher risk category or even worsen their condition. Massage therapy is a natural, non surgical, drug free, safe and effective modality to help with pain and assist in the recovery of surgery and injury. Copy write 4/30/2011

Alternative Options of Health by Andrew Wolfe, LMP, Mms.

When it comes to the rehabilitation of accidents and injuries most medical providers think within the convention of physical therapy and pharmacology. When injuries occur nerve fibers in the muscle tissue tear, strain, overstretch and literally shorten. This shortening of the tissue impairs normal movement . Scar tissue forms as a natural agent of healing. Often times the scar tissue can adhere to surrounding tissue and joints creating a memory of lost function as well as structural impairment. Cross fiber friction and myofascial release therapy, a form of deep tissue massage, reduces the scar tissue from forming as well as breaks it up when it does form. Nerve fibers in the bundles of muscle and other soft tissue such as ligaments, connective tissue, tendons and softer cartilage, can be damaged and impaired creating a muscle memory of dysfunction. Remedial massage therapy redirects the muscle memory by reconnecting the nerve -muscle connection. Heighten sensitivity and pain impairs mobility and natural healing and inflammation occurs. The function of inflammation is to “buffer” or protect the damaged area, but often times can delay in the healing. The most natural and effective support to healing is massage therapy, it is safe and has minimal to no negative side effects. Massage therapy works directly the site of the problems in a “hands on” approach. This approach makes common sense when you think about what is effected; the soft tissue. Change needs to come by working out the dysfunction. By working directly on the soft tissue you effect change. Thinking outside the conventions of the medical industry are alternative health care options. Even within the mainstream of modern medicine massage therapy is being recognized as a medical modality; see reference For more information about this and other topics visit Andrew Wolfe, LMP at Copywrite4/30/2011