Deep tissue massage with remedial movement for the shoulder

Deep tissue massage with remedial movement for the shoulder
Andrew Wolfer,LMP preforms myofascial release (deep tissue) massage to the back

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



I want to thank all of those listeners who supported me by tuning into the segment of "Health Matters". It aired yesterday evening, April 25th at 6:45 PM, PST on Everett Washington's radio station, KRKO 1380 AM. A special thank you for my hosts Maury Eskenazi and Shannon O Kelly.

To recap points that were made on the show; The difference between medical massage and spa or relaxation massage, is the intension of outcome , the use of specific protocol and a treatment plan with a focus on an injured area, verse a full body generalized approach.

Another point made was made, in defining what myofascial release therapy is. Myofascial release therapy is a deep tissue massage techniques used to correct and restore tissue and their surrounding structures. Other techniques used are deep tissue massage, manual traction which help with decompression of the spine and joint as well as surrounding tissues, remedial movement and somatic movement.

The description of the muscular system was explained in that, this system is not just composed of muscles but includes connective tissue, fascia, tendons and ligaments.

Also defining medical massage therapy as being broader in the areas of treatment and not limited in the areas of the back and neck or for just relieving sprain and strains. Conditions such as whiplash, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome and plantar faciiits can be treated. As long as there is fascia and other connective tissue, any area can be treated with medical massage therapy.

The question was presented about how do people come to me. I responded by stating that patients come to me by a referring doctor or specialist. When asked about how often do they come, my response was based on what is prescribed in a treatment plan, such as once or twice a week for 6 weeks or as indicated as medically needed.

An inquiry was also made about what kinds of specific conditions that I work with that are effective with myofascial release. I explained that fibromyalgia is one condition I treat in addressing the fascia, which is the layer within the muscular system that binds and holds everything together. This is a common disorder of the fascia. When in the case of working with a patient with fibromyagia their fascia is thick similar to glue. Myofascial release helps to remove this thickness in the fascia by given it length.

Other conditions I treat were also addressed. Car accident, L&I injuries, sports injuries and post operative pain following surgery are some of the types of generalized health concerns an individual would have in seeking out my services.

This is a brief outline of the interview. Thank you again for your support. It is my intension to educated the benefits of massage therapy in the health care community as a natural and effective technique for rehabilitation.

Copyright Andrew Wolfe, LMP 4/25/2011

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