Deep tissue massage with remedial movement for the shoulder

Deep tissue massage with remedial movement for the shoulder
Andrew Wolfer,LMP preforms myofascial release (deep tissue) massage to the back

Monday, April 30, 2012

Massage Therapy; Natural Healing by Andrew Wolfe, LMP

Looking for a natural approach towards healing without the use of drugs or surgery? Have you considered massage therapy? With more and more people looking for a viable option of health, rehabilitation and recovery from surgery, accidents, injuries and trauma individuals have sought out many kinds of approaches. Most individuals in the health care industry will opt patients to take pharmaceuticals, undertake physical therapy or submit to surgery, if the condition is serious enough to warrant it. Many people simply don’t know about other options or they were never disclosed as having other approaches available to them to seek out. The time has come to “think outside the box” of conventional thinking to a broader base of a natural approach. Although there is no “quick fix” as a lot of us have been conditioned to believe there are, other options are available and more assessable than one might think to defer or avoid surgery or the harmful effects of drugs. These conventional options many not be appropriate for all patient. For example, if a patient is in drug recovery the pharmaceutics route is not an option and now with stricter drug dispensary laws, drugs prescribing is not a long term option for those in chronic pain ( non cancer); reference (WAC 246-919-850 ) as stated in the Washington Administrative Code as set by the state. Surgery is another example. It may also not be an option for some patients in which the end result would not serve to alleviate their pain, put them in a higher risk category or even worsen their condition. Massage therapy is a natural, non surgical, drug free, safe and effective modality to help with pain and assist in the recovery of surgery and injury. Copy write 4/30/2011

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